The Sentiment Revealed in Social Networks during the Games of the Brazilian Team in the 2014 World Cup

The Sentiment Revealed in Social Networks during the Games of the Brazilian Team in the 2014 World Cup

Escrito em 31/05/2018
Rita Paulino

The participation of people in social networks is undeniably a contemporary phenomenon that presents as a characteristic not only the flow of explicit information in data form, natural and complex, but also some information (data) from the network's own movement. It is in this context that this article fits with the purpose of revealing information that is implied in participatory movements of sociotechnical networks. For this, one can rely on the conceptual theoretical contribution about Actor-Network Theory (ANT), by Bruno Latour (2012): “follow things through the networks they carry”. It is believed that by following the movements of social networks, one can view information that reflects feelings and actions that are implied in the connections about facts and events. In this article, the author will analyze and monitor social networks during the games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. This approach brings us to an applied research and experimental.

Heuristic 1: A hastag # identifies a key context or fact that is happening in social networks; Heuristic 2: One can outline the emphasis of a matter in social networks by graphical representationof the volume of this term, word or mention; Heuristic 3: You can check the feeling about a fact or keyword hastag through positivity ornegativity of the related terms and their emphasis of the graphic representation. Heuristic 4: The graphic record of a visualization of data collected at a given time provides agraphical memory about a particular fact.

How to check the feeling in this method?

Initially attempted to test various analysis tools sense of public access or versions fortesting, such as Twitter Sentiment, SocialMention, TweetFeel, iFeel. In this analysis wefind discontinued programs and many broken links. Faced with this difficulty we haveadopted for the analysis and extraction of data SocialMention the program presented themost significant samples of the volume of Keywords and more hastags mentioned in aspan of time or setting. This scenario is represented by an emphasis that appear due touse of Internet especially in key Hastag twitter.These relations over a Hastag provided us with information or feelings often implicit ina number of comments, but visible when it materializes in a chart. An example ofrealization of feelings can be seen in Charts 1 and 2. A first analysis, shown in Figure 1,the key used as Hastag # WorldCup2014Brazil the first game of Brazil, this hastagidentifies the context of information, in this case the World Cup World view by internet before, during and after the first game of Brazil (Heuristic 1). To display the entries on a particular subject or fact, use hashtag beyond the key variables of emphasis to outlinethe volume of entries and words or terms to identify the name of the symbol. In thetable below we can identify that at a certain time of the analysis, the most commonissues related to the World Cup on social networks were the World Cup itself, Aperture,Brazil, Croatia, Come on, Twisting ... These words had circles and emphasize a greatermobilization and a sense that we risk being in a positive way the netizens about the beginning of Brazil in the World Cup